Eight Strategies for Choosing Chapter Titles

I’ve heard all sorts of opinions about whether you should give titles to your chapters. Some readers say they love chapter titles, others hate them, others simply don’t notice whether they’re there.

In my first novel, Blue Rabbit, I used snippets of song lyrics as chapter titles. My second novel, The Relic Spell, which goes on pre-sale next month (!) doesn’t have chapter titles. Both approaches were lots of fun to work with (and each carried their special challenges).

My point today isn’t to tell you if you should use chapter titles—it’s to give you ideas for how to use chapter titles if you decide you want them.

These eight strategies are used to great effect by skilled, successful authors. One thing they all have in common is that they all tease what’s to come in the chapter that follows; they all provide a hook of some sort. Each of these chapter titles makes you want to keep reading.

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