How to Write While Depressed, Anxious, Worried About Money, Constantly Exhausted, and/or Angry With the World

I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks now due to the exhausting process of moving to a new apartment. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and the past month or so has wreaked havoc on my mental wellbeing—and on my productivity as a writer.

First, I had to find an apartment that fit my budget and was within a reasonable distance from my work so I wouldn’t spend a fortune on gas, a nigh impossible task in the tight housing market of my city.

When I finally found a new apartment, I spent a few weeks worried about the upcoming move. It turned out that my worries were well-founded: the move was every bit as exhausting and difficult as I had thought it would be. We couldn’t have managed it without the help of several friends who lent their time and energy.

After moving in, there was still the small matter of unpacking. Apart from watching the third season of Stranger Things, unpacking and settling in has taken up all of my free time in the past week. According to my Word document, I haven’t worked on my novel since June 23rd, and I guarantee that whatever I did on June 23rd was not significant.

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