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During Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), all proceeds from the sale of these books goes to RAICES-TEXAS, a non-profit organization that provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant people and families. Support this vital cause and enjoy a good book by clicking one of the links below!


Blue Rabbit by Jimena I. Novaro

In Knoxville, Tennessee, there's a bridge to another world.

When they first cross it, Erika and her friends feel like they've stumbled into a dream. Erika has always felt that she was meant for more than a normal existence. Haley and her brother Dorian believe in fairytales. Nathan loves the adventure. Sandra is wary, but finds herself drawn in like the others. Magical and mysterious, the other world becomes their little paradise, a place to explore and escape from their everyday lives. Until one night a boy from school, Mike, follows them to the other side―and he's kidnapped by strange and powerful Creatures. 

Back home, everyone thinks Erika and the gang are responsible for Mike's disappearance. The dream has become a nightmare. How can they negotiate with these Creatures to rescue Mike and clear their names? And why are the Creatures fixated on Erika, who feels drawn to their world even as she senses the danger?

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Whispers of Nowhere by Shannon Rohrer

When Gwen, a curator's daughter, unwittingly breaks the seals on a mythical prison realm, she is whisked away by the watchful Forneus and the hot-blooded Phenex, and into a world beyond her wildest imaginings. With malevolent forces now on the rampage, intent on revenge against the gods whom imprisoned them, Gwen and her two mysterious allies must reclaim the lost artifacts before someone far more sinister does...

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NO TENDER FENCES: An Anthology of Immigrant & First-Generation American Poetry

A community garden of poetry by immigrant and first-generation Americans to raise funds for RAICES-TEXAS.

Featuring poems by:

Kim Sousa / Marina Carreira / Barbara Jane Reyes / Craig Santos Perez / Eloisa Amezcua / Janel Pineda / Bailey Cohen / Ariel Francisco / John S. O'Connor / A. Shaikh / Ignacio Carvajal / Mauricio Moreno / Asela Lee Kemper / Michelle Moncayo / José Angel Araguz / Sebastián Hasani Páramo / Marion Goméz / Lysz Flo / Jean-Marie Bub / Lauren Licona / Aparna Muralidharan / Gustavo Barahona-López / Anna Halberstadt / Chris Campanioni / Pilar Melero / Karo Ska / Keana Aguila Labra / Aline Mello / Eddie Vega / Janice Lobo Sapigao / Olga Livshin / María Isabel Álvarez / Francisco Aragón / Nikolai Garcia / Dimitri Reyes / Marwa Helal / Raquel Salas Rivera / Christopher Soto / José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes / María Esquinca / Dujie Tahat / Valery Martínez / Edward Vidaurre / Alexandra Martinez / Nishat Ahmed / Chen Chen / Ruth Joffre / Christine-Carolyn Calimlim / Steve Castro / Christina Seda Chabrier / Ashley Miranda / Sonia Alejandra Rodríguez / Alan Chazaro / Anuja Ghimire / drs / Ethan Milner / David Garcia / Julio Cesar Villegas / Eduardo C. Corral / Amrita Chakraborty / Eileen R. Tabios / César L. De León / 

All proceeds from No Tender Fences go to RAICES year-round.

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